Fiona Plunkett
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Testimonials & Stories


“When I first met Fiona I knew she was special – a highly creative, loving soul. As I got to know her better and welcomed her into my life, I began to understand her deep love for the natural world. She follows the rhythms of the plants and creatures that live around her home, but she does more than that: She seeks to understand them and make them part of her life. As an artist myself, I can see her empathy for the world expressed through her carvings.

Each of her works is made with love and respect for the stone. When she gave me a carving to welcome me into her life, I could see just how deep that love of the stone ran.”

~Geoff Gander, Author, Ottawa, Ontario

“Having seen the carving titled, “Celtic Knotwork” I was very impressed, and requested a carving along that thematic line as a wedding present for friends who are very interested in Celtic lore and legend. Ms. Plunkett produced a carving with a traditional “Wheel of the Year” design that fit the bill perfectly! I am quite impressed, and will be back for more… but for me this time!”

~ K. Ward, Ottawa

“We have multiple carvings from this talented artist. She catches the spirit of what she carves from the stone, giving it personality. We look forward to collecting more of her pieces in the future.”

~ Matt & Heidi, Tallahassee Florida

“These carvings are made with love and artistry, from beautiful stone and with hours of hard work and patience. That is what makes them so precious.”

~Rosemary, The Netherlands

“I had an idea in mind for a piece of art that I wanted created. When I showed the picture to Fiona, she recreated it perfectly. It now sits in my living room for all to see… I am still trying to figure out what I want her to make for me next”

~Jeff, Ottawa

“My first dealing with the talented Ms Plunkett was wonderful. No pressure , polite advice and always a story to tell about each unique piece . I will definitely be back for more!”

~M. McIlquham, Dec 2007

The History and Meaning of the Inukshuk


Inukshuk (Inuktitut ~ Inuit language)

Pronounced inook-shook or ee-nook-shook

Inukshuk, meaning “in the image of man” is a symbol that has been created across the Canadian Arctic for thousands of years. The inukshuk has two significant roles in Inuit life.

Directional Marker

Inuit villages and communities migrate from winter hunting grounds and summer hunting grounds. For those who are trying to follow their migration, inukshuks are built to show the way the community has traveled. Inukshuks are built to resemble humans, and one arm is usually made longer in order to show the way home. They were also built to indicate caches of food and the location of good places to hunt or fish.


The other main use of the inukshuk is in hunting caribou. In order to maximise the yield of their hunt, the community would build inukshuks in two long rows along a caribou trail, slowly coming closer together to a narrow in the landscape, much like a funnel. Hunters would chase the caribou towards the narrowing while the women and children would hide behind the inukshuks making loud noises. The caribou would remain together in a herd, thinking the inukshuks along the sides were more hunters. When the caribou were penned in at the end, the hunters would make their kills and then all the caribou would be processed in order to feed the whole community for the winter.